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No longer disco-polo but music sets which consist of carefully selected tracks. Not a tent or a large ballroom but a modest meadow in the woods. And also no ‘bigos’ and vodka but Carpaccio and white wine. (…) Everything must be carefully planned and perfectly geared up. Finally, what is the most important factor of all? Attention to detail.

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Warsaw Wedding DJs

Our agency was established for people looking for weddings in version 2.0, a kind of escape from the traditional wedding forms, which do not necessarily match our style. We open a new chapter in the history of music service weddings by providing a new type of service – a DJ for a wedding in a form that does not give way to the quality of the live band.

Our service is always comprehensive, we provide high quality equipment, proven artists and most of all the assurance that everything will go according to your plan. Our services are performed with the highest level of quality and attention to detail. We invite you to check our offer by yourself. Your dreams are our job, make it happen.

Our Team

Music passionate working in event and wedding realization industry since the early beginning of his career. He converts his experience into managing the Agency and setting new standards for the wedding services.
Specialist in a finance and consulting sector, privately audiophile and a trend seeker. He creates a growth strategy for the Agency and takes care of accounting facilities.
OliviaSocial Media / Creative
Social Media Specialist and creative department in one. After taking care of the visual part of Warsaw Wedding DJs, she is working on creation of decorations for WW Deco brand.